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2018: Wait...Why?

Highlighted Speakers

Kritika Singh

" From Magic Potions to Malaria Eradication "

Have you ever wondered why malaria hasn't been defeated yet? Kritika takes us on a journey to examine obstacles that eradication efforts have faced, and discuss the future of malaria research. She also stresses the important role advocacy plays in fighting malaria. 

James Monaghan

" Nature's Secret Superhero "

The Monaghan Lab focuses on understanding the cellular mechanism that results in the regenerative properties of axolotl salamanders. Axolotls are our distant ancestors who have retained the ability to regenerate complex organs including their brains, lungs and limbs. By studying how axolotls access these regenerative abilities, the Monaghan Lab hopes to one day be able to discover the basis for regenerative therapy.

Ryo Tsuda +The Downbeats

" The Story Behind Music "

Ryo, a member of The Downbeats at Northeastern, discusses the intertwining nature of music, and its similarity to verbal storytelling. He also looks to give more insight into how to listen to music to follow its melodic story. The Downbeats follow Ryo's talk with a stunning Acapella performance.

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