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Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Team is responsible for initiating outreach and maintaining existing relationships with other student and professional organizations. These connections are meant to build and support collaborations with external organizations and TEDxNortheasternU.


The Executive Team consists of TEDxNortheasternU’s President(s) and Faculty Advisor. Together, they oversee the entire organization to ensure the smooth and efficient execution of the mission and vision for TEDxNortheasternU, TEDx, and TED.


Our Fundraising Team is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the event. This includes creating and managing the event budget, securing sponsorships, and ensuring that the event is financially successful. The team works closely with other teams such as the marketing and sponsorship teams to identify and secure funding opportunities. They also handle the financial reporting and ensure compliance with financial regulations and guidelines. The finance team plays an important role in ensuring that TEDxNortheasternU has the resources it needs to produce a high-quality event that meets its financial goals.

Marketing & Design

Our Marketing and Design Team is responsible for creating a compelling and engaging experience for all stakeholders involved in TEDxNortheasternU events. They work tirelessly to develop and execute creative marketing strategies that attract a diverse audience, leveraging both traditional and digital media channels. Additionally, the team designs all visual materials, such as posters, flyers, and social media graphics, ensuring that they align with the event's theme and message. Through their innovative and thoughtful approach, this team helps to promote ideas worth spreading, elevating TEDxNortheasternU's events to new heights of success and impact.


Our Operations Team is responsible for overseeing all major logistics associated with TEDxNortheasternU events, including the organization of physical assets, bookings, xLabs, catering, and videography.

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