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2020: Fast Forward, A Different Future

This year, the TEDxNortheasternU team invites you to envision the future and to inspire innovation while instilling the significance of reflection and evaluation throughout your journey. Our event aspires to curate an interdisciplinary experience that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone while interacting with the Northeastern community. The reaction we seek to draw from you? Simply put, “wow”.

Our event theme, Fast Forward: A Different Future, strives to spark ideas and innovative creations that inspire change in the future. From personal experiences, challenges and successes, our event aims to bring different visions together by inspiring you to take action and make an impact.

Highlighted Speakers

Steven Braun

" The privilege and responsibility of seeing radically "

Steven Braun is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern, where he teaches courses in data visualization and programming for the web. As a research-practitioner whose academic background is rooted in biophysics and Asian studies, he studies the design and visualization of information through applied practice across the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Sajni Vederey

" Breaking Barriers in a Divided Education System "

Sajni Vederey is sophomore at Northeastern University majoring in finance. Sajni has been dedicated to serving her community, both within school and out of school. Outside of school, Sajni found her own international nonprofit organization called STEM All Stars after she noticed that many girls in India were dropping out of school since they did not have the opportunities or money to continue their education. The mission of STEM All Stars is to eliminate stereotypes and open access to education for women.

Harshad Sathaye

" Securing Skies: Propelling Cybersecurity in Aviation "

Harshad Sathaye is a Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University and a soon-to-be student pilot. He is a cybersecurity enthusiast with research interests around wireless systems security, specifically navigation systems and the development of secure cyber-physical systems like smart things and autonomous vehicles.

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