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2021: Horizons

The TEDxNortheasternU 2021 flagship event invites you to refresh your mindset, revolutionize your ideas, and generate an innovative vision for the future. Join us on our journey to a new beginning during these unprecedented times. The core of our event aims to inspire you to imagine novel aftereffects and cultivate new viewpoints as you look towards a brighter tomorrow.

Horizons is a culmination of influential and interdisciplinary talks from the Northeastern community. Putting the past behind us, our event reconciles diversity in perspectives through thought-provoking and curated TEDx talks. We aim to challenge and spark a sense of curiosity within you.

There are no borders, just horizons.

Highlighted Speakers

Victor Coutin

" Instead of calm down, say this "

Unbreakable optimist. UX and product designer, focusing his time and energy for the past 3 years to help improve the mental health and quality of life of more than 400 million Spanish speakers around the globe by launching the first and only science-based mindfulness meditation app in Spanish: Aire Fresco

Kyle Gobrogge

" My Minds Obsession "

Kyle Gobrogge uses evidence-based pedagogical methods to enhance best teaching practices to foster effective student learning in both lecture and laboratory curriculum. Through his teaching, research and publications, Dr. Gobrogge aims to develop a better understanding of the neurobiology programming motivated and dysregulated behaviors.

Lexi Doudera

" A New Wave of Ocean Education "

Having grown up on the rugged coast of Maine, Lexi has always felt an innate connection to the ocean and a deep and powerful love for it. As the Founder and Executive Director of Saltwater Classroom, a non-profit focused on ocean education, Lexi is committed to inspiring an ethic of ocean stewardship in young students, as well as learners of all ages, through the transformative power of education.

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