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Media Relations Lead

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The Media Relations Lead is tasked with significantly boosting our visibility and engagement across various media platforms through expertly crafted written communications. This role not only encompasses the responsibilities of overseeing and creating content for our monthly Now&Next newsletter and building enduring relationships with media outlets but also extends to strategically guiding the media relations team. The Lead will develop comprehensive media strategies, oversee the execution of media campaigns, and measure the impact of these initiatives to ensure alignment with our organizational goals. Additionally, the Media Relations Lead will mentor the media relations staff, enhance our media outreach efforts, and serve as the primary contact for major media inquiries, playing a critical role in promoting and enhancing the public profile of our events and initiatives.

4-6 hrs/week


  • Manage the production and authorship of the monthly Now&Next newsletter.
  • Create compelling press releases and materials for TEDxNortheasternU events.
  • Generate engaging communications and marketing emails targeted at diverse audiences.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with media partners across campus, including student- and university-run outlets, and expand reach across Northeastern's global network.
  • Proactively seek opportunities to promote TEDxNortheasternU and increase organizational visibility.
  • Interview speakers and team members to share their stories and highlight the organization's impact.
  • Document shareable moments from events to enhance social media presence and audience engagement.
  • Actively table around Northeastern to inform and engage the community about our organization and upcoming events.
  • Guide and mentor the media relations team, ensuring effective strategy formulation and execution.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive media strategies, oversee media campaigns, and measure their impact to align with organizational goals.


  • Exhibits a strong ability to work independently, initiating projects and strategies without direct oversight.
  • Possesses superior written and verbal communication skills, essential for crafting impactful messages, leading team communications, and overseeing the communications presented by the Media Relations Coordinators.
  • Shows a deep passion for connecting with people and fostering a sense of community, crucial for expanding our network and engagement.
  • Has a keen eye for digital design, enhancing the visual impact of our digital content across various platforms.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of SEO and marketing programs such as CRM, or shows a strong interest and capability in quickly learning these and other relevant tools.
  • Leads by example in learning and integrating new skills, encouraging the media relations team to expand their competencies and adapt to evolving digital trends.